Why Spell Bee?

Why should the child participate?

WIZ National Spell Bee engages students in a different competition route- testing their knowledge of spelling, thereby engaging them in the English Language practice to excel in academic and all-round development in their growing years.

Inspire many young minds to improve spelling skills, communication skills, vocabulary, learning concepts, pronunciation, and thereby leading to correct usage of English Language which is presently at risk.

WIZ National Spell Bee is a progressive learning methodology with three rounds in School Level, four rounds in Interschool, five rounds in State Level followed by State Grand Finale and National mega Final.

Students from classes 1 to 12 are segregated into six groups depending on the classes they study, to compete in their respective groups. The preparatory booklets “WORD BANK” are prepared by a Panel of academicians and English teachers of Leading Schools. The words are graded according to their age & class.

Students learn, compete and develop their language skills to progress at their own pace needed for academic success.

This Language development programme comprises learning through play way method and a healthy competition is thus encouraged. It is also an endeavor to keep pace with technology- the demand of new age.